1. Export Trip History to an Excel File

A. First tap Summary icon in the main page (Fig. 1);

B. In the Trip History page, all the past trips are listed in a table (Fig. 2);

C. In the Search bar, type various trip type names like Running, Walking, Driving and etc., the relevant trips are sorted and listed in the table (Fig. 3). and then hit Search key;

E). An email message dialog box pops up (Fig. 4), filled in the necessary info, and then hit Send;

F). An Excel file with the past trip info (Running in this case) is sent to the email address.​​

2. Choose Different Map Types

A. First tap Setting icon in the main page (Fig. 5);

B. In the Settings page, select "Standard", "Hybrid" or "Satellite" map type (Fig. 6);

C. All the maps shown in the app will be changed based on your selection.

3. Customized Voice Cue

A. First tap Setting icon in the main page like above (Fig. 5);

B. In the Settings page, click Voice icon (Fig. 7);

C. In Fig. 8, slide voice Rate, Pitch, and Volume, and pick voice type, the voice will be used in the app.

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