Trip Tracker GPS

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Duo Pisceses, Inc. is an Indie mobile app development company located in the beautiful Finger Lake region in Update New York.  We are dedicated to develop mobile apps in education, lifestyle, utility and health categories.  

"TripTrackerGPS" series have the core engine of commercial GPS apps.  It combines GPS functionality with fitness features in one app!  "iMathGenius" series are popular among students from all ages who want to improve their mental math skill.

     "Fish Whiz" and "Quiz Whiz" are fun apps to test your knowledge about fishing and other subjects.  They can be easily to expand to other categories.

    "Stocks" app fetches real stock market data and allows users to customize their stock watch list.  "Listen" app speaks articles, news and stories so that users no need to stare at their mobile devices all the time.  

     Game apps such as "Brainbull", "Zodiac" and "Math Kingdom" help people to sharpen their brain memory to prevent aging.  "Peony Gallery" is a virtual gallery app which allows artists to showcase their great work!  "Graycode" is a niche utility app to convert any integer to other formats of number such as binary, hex, and gray code.

     Finally, we are striving to bring up new apps and ideas to our users.  Please leave your feedback to help us improve!  Thank you!